Photo Gallery of Celebration

Celebrating Women of bare or partially bare heads expands the beauty code and educates


Unveiled Unlocked is a movement that provides an invitation to dialogue and offers people opportunity to expand their perception of the beauty code. By presenting a variety of women in the spectrum of ages with bare or partially bare heads we give exposure and normalize their visual and spiritual beauty. We offer a variety of forums, exhibitions or programs to enlighten, educate and celebrate the bare head woman; on the runway, coffee table book, video panel discussions, workshops, festivals, schools, libraries, corporate environments, etc… we celebrate and open dialogue with input from both the male and female voice. This underrepresented population of women namely of color, has a story to hear as well as has the power to inspire others who identify, struggle or whom have triumphed over the obstacles of inner and outer beauty. In addition, to the discussions and showcases we provide community richness through difficult conversations about image, self love, the men who love bare head women and wellness options for those by no choice have hair loss. Through literature and live discussions we unveil the story behind her bare head; unlocking the mind helps heal the pains that block us from being fully ourselves. Culturally we empower women to adorn their heads from the inside out with historical references that add value and positive thinking. This movement is ongoing and invites creativity, entrepreneurship, awareness, and a voice for all!



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