Unveiled Unlocked Trailer April 2014

Greetings Patrons

Unveiled Unlocked created a 5 series talk show from a grant through Columbia University. We need your support to revise the segments


Unveiled Unlocked; Bare Elements Series will resume re-taping bare Elements  Fall 2014 with your support!

The plan is to Launch  the 5 part series by Winter 2014!

Spring/Summer fundraising for Unveiled Unlocked; Bare Elements Series

  • $20 make a mark and if you and 5 friends share that gift together YOUR Fab5 can send $100
  • building towards $25,000 budget

Why is this worth supporting?

  • Unveiled Unlocked is working globally expanding the beauty code from hair to hair free
  • Unveiled Unlocked survived 2 plus years  unfunded by founder & Career artist Aleathia Brown (25 yrs as Art Entrepreneur) and has grown impacting young people, women & men with health issues causing hair loss and educated those with hair on their perspective of beauty and loving from the inside out
  • The Bare Head Woman impacts her environment and is impacted by her environment, we make it okay to be Hair Free
  • Unveiled Unlocked deals with Emotional Wellness touching on shame and self Love
  • We all know some woman suffering about her image this invites men & women to have difficult conversations inviting each other in
  • Bullying being a hot topic we touch on the Bare Head youth while educating and arming the individual positive images to reinforce being fully present embracing yourself
  • We introduce and dialogue about the History, Culture and origin of the Bare Head Woman/Men and empower people in health positive pathways
  • Unveiled Unlocked produces art & poetry interactive programs and speaking engagements to leave the message and heal through creative expression

Method of payments

  • PayPal  click the store or call me and I can do it online for you
  •  Square on my mobile device accepting credit/debit card
  • Check payable to Aleathia Brown via mail (call for info; 646 345 2851)
Should you want to follow us online or through our mailing list please feel invited to do so!

My artwork is a visual language

expressing my power and my strength.  I am a scientist weighing the scales, mixing the mediums, provoking open dialogue.   In my journey, texture, color and bold shapes are the elements. Alluring, meditative, and spirit-filled movement are just a few ways to describe the feeling conveyed in the body of my work. Music, dance and poetry are my muses.

I translate these emotions into visual experiences.








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